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Guan Ho values the contributions of its employees and trusts the value in people development. Competent employees are happier and productive.

At Guan Ho, our people are our most important asset. We value our employees and are keen to develop them to their maximum potential as individuals, and to equip them for a fulfilling role in this challenging industry. We believe in team building and this applies especially to our newcomers.

Your experience at Guan Ho will be enriched with applicable and relevant academic courses. Practical knowledge will be developed through hands-on work attachments at our various job sites, under the guidance and supervision of our experienced Professionals.


We believe in nurturing our people to ensure their employability through varieties of training and development programs. Human resource is one of the keys to organization success; Guan Ho has made available an array of such programs and encourages its employees’ participation to enhance their competence and ability to adapt to an increasingly challenging work environment.


Every employee is free to propose training program that suit their personal development needs.

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