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What We Do


No job too big. No job too small.

Quality construction. Honest service. Great value.



Design and Build procurement works on the basis that Guan Ho is responsible for undertaking both design and construction work on a project. These projects can vary depending on the extent of Guan Ho design responsibility and how much initial design is included in the customers’ requirements. Guan Ho has an in-house team of competent design-build professionals whom is always ready to works in collaboration with our clients and their appointed representatives to deliver projects that meets clients’ expectations. Using Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology, which span ‘concept-to occupation time-span’, to plan, design and construct, this alliance can overcome numerous construction challenges to complete project faster, more cost effectively, and with less change orders.




Working closely with clients, our team of professional combines lean construction systems and value-engineering technique to optimize the value of projects by crafting a mix of function and cost, thereby removing unnecessary expenditure and increasing the value for our customers.


Our project teams carefully consider all aspects of the project, i.e. cost reduction, value-added, life-cycle analysis and maintainability, when making value engineering proposals to our client. This project management technique addresses all aspects of a building lifecycle from initial construction through sustainability of material used and utility efficiency of the completed project.


To bring further ‘value-add’ to all our construction undertakings, Guan Ho is investing in Prefabricated Pre-finishes Volumetric Construction (PPVC) technology to continually enhance productivity, reduce environmental pollutions, and improve occupational health and safety performance.




Each of the numerous participants in construction process of planning, designing, financing, constructing and operating physical facilities has a different perspective on construction project management, and Guan Ho understands how the different parts of the process fit together.


With six decades of construction project experiences, couple with a pragmatic practitioner-based approach and established networks of suppliers and subcontractors, we focus our attention on the complete process of project management for constructed facilities.


We have successfully delivered construction projects of Residential, Institutional, Commercial, and Specialized Industry buildings that are completed on time, cost effective and satisfied all stakeholders’ expectations.

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