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Kent Ridge Drive

Contract Value


Completion Date

31 December 2009


Designed from ground up to be environmentally friendly, energy monitoring systems and structural designs are geared to optimally conserve energy. As such, faculty and department offices located on the upper floors will enjoy the flow of fresh air, naturally lit by a dramatic open-air skylight.


Triangulated columns rising from the ground, juxtaposed with a glass facade, the variegated exterior takes on different hues in the various shades of sunlight, with the transparency symbolising the School's open relationship with the real business world and the universe of ideas.


Within the nine-storey tall, 16,000 sqm building is a soaring five-storey atrium that will serve as a focal point as well as a perfect place for corporate events. Much thought has been given to facilitate the exchange of ideas and knowledge, so throughout the building, there is a series of informal interaction zones to encourage discussions. As well, classrooms, meeting and seminar rooms, study spaces, executive dining areas, and even a cafe and a dedicated Alumni Lounge are all cleverly integrated.

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