Primary School


52 King’s Rd. Singapore 268097

Contract Value

$ 36,999,000.00

Completion Date

13 March 2015


The upgrading of the school involves the erection of a two 4-storey Classroom Blocks at the Hilltop Campus, one 5-storey Administration Block and one 4-storey Indoor Sports Hall at Campus 2. Leveraging on the upgrading works, the school had concurrently embarked to incorporate additional provisions for a kindergarten and a new gymnasium.


The topography of the site is challenging with a 3-storey high hilltop connecting the original campus to the new campus. A ‘valley’ design concept with multi-tier terraces was hence adopted to overcome the level differences and to create a series of interesting spaces. To add a vibrant touch to the learning environment, the school had collaborated with Studio 505 to introduce an exciting colour scheme to the building façade comprising of horizontal colour stripes which further expresses the ‘valley’ concept feature.


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